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Diamond tool

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Diamond tool with a metal powder, nickel powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, and alloy powders. With the continuous development of the world economy, science and technology, market demand-increasing broader application prospects in the new high-tech industries.
(1) nickel powder market prospects
A wide range of nickel powder with its special performance applications. Diamond tool industry nickel powder as a catalyst applications is also very optimistic about the amount of nickel catalyst industry is 5000 tons. The annual consumption of nickel powder is also increasing in other areas. From the prospects for the development of the domestic market, the building industry, diamond core bits, cutting discs, oil and gas mineral diamond drill bits, carbide drill carcass bonding materials they use nickel powder; processing of metallic materials, automobiles, motorcycles mechanical polishing process with the tools they use diamond abrasives, and its the carcass materials also were powered by a nickel powder. With the rapid development of the diamond tool industry, electrical alloy industry, powder metallurgy, mechanical parts and other industries, the demand for nickel powder showed rapid development momentum. Our existing nickel powder production enterprises only 7 to 8 (including carbonyl nickel powder, of electroless nickel powder and reduced nickel powder), with a production capacity of about 1,000 tons, the production capacity is far from being able to meet the domestic market demand. From the prospects for the development of foreign markets, according to the data of the international nickel market in recent years show that the large consumption of nickel-based powder is about 13 to 15 million tons / year, accounting for almost 17% of the average world nickel consumption, its price has been stable at 12,000 to $ 13,000 per ton. Visible, the international market demand for nickel powder is very impressive.
(2) cobalt powder market prospects
Of carbide, diamond tools production of the world's cobalt consumption is relatively large, about 2,000 tons. The sharp rise in recent years due to the rapid development of international and domestic battery industry, the amount of cobalt powder. From the domestic market demand, China's use of the metal cobalt production cobalt salts and cobalt powder 10, the total production capacity of 1850 tons / year, to become one of the the world cobalt main consuming countries, consumption accounts for about 10% of the total cobalt . At present, the annual demand for domestic cobalt in about 3,000 tons. Cemented carbide cobalt powder is mainly used for binder, the average content of about 10%, and consumption in the country has reached 800 tons / year, accounting for 33% of the national total cobalt consumption, and at an annual rate of nearly 5.4% increments. Demand from foreign markets, since the 1990s, the world's cobalt consumption has been on an upward trend, with an average annual growth of 2.6%. In 1998 alone, the world's cobalt consumption has reached 29,500 tons. Based on the data reported in the next few years, the increase in world consumption of cobalt powder about 8000 to 10,000 tons, sharp increase in dosage.
(3) copper powder market prospects
Copper powder is important powder material after iron powder, copper alloy powder metallurgy products have the advantage of good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, surface finish and non-magnetic, is widely used in friction materials, oil-bearing electrical contact materials, conductive materials, diamond products, filters, and mechanical parts. Electrolytic copper powder with its excellent physical properties and chemical purity more used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy, friction materials, electrical carbon products, electrical alloys, metal coatings and pigments and electronic paste, conductive rubber products. In recent years, copper powder dosage rate of more than 10% annual increments. The automotive industry, for example, copper powder dosage has over ten thousand tons, if you take into account the electronic, electrical and other industries, the potential market is broader. From the prospects for the development of the domestic market in China, the copper powder is widely used in the iron-based copper-based powder metallurgy parts, the largest amount of copper-based powder metallurgy parts. The average copper content in the powder metallurgy parts by 5% the amount of copper powder in 2005 will reach 5,000 tons / year. In the diamond tool industry, in recent years, due to the increased competition of diamond tools, the carcass materials to the inexpensive iron base, copper base and bronze base tilt, especially export tools and home interior decoration tools. The data show that the diamond tools with more than a hundred enterprises in more than 20 tons, the annual consumption of copper powder and copper powder, and thus to preliminary estimates the annual consumption of the diamond tool industry, copper powder in the range of 2000 to 3000 tons. In electrical alloy, the amount of electrolytic copper powder at 200 tons. From the foreign market demand Nonferrous Metals Association statistics show that the world demand for copper and copper alloy powder each year more than 100,000 tons, the North American annual production of total demand of about half. In 2002, China's copper powder imports to 23,274 tons, an increase of 22.78% over the previous year. The same time, other countries in Southeast Asia copper powder is mainly used for material processing, demand has expanded each year, but there was no copper powder production enterprises.
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