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Powder metallurgy process, production of magnetic materials have the following advantages:
1, to manufacture a variety of magnetic material single crystal or single-domain size particles (a few microns to several hundred angstroms), the process is made by molding or the like in the magnetic field under the high magnetic properties of the magnet. Hard magnetic ferrite, rare earth cobalt hard magnetic and ESD hard magnetic (Elongated Single Domain).
2, can the magnetic powder is made ​​with other materials, composite materials have certain performance. Insulation material can be coated on the surface of soft magnetic alloy powder, pressed into powder cores are insulated from each other between the particles, for example, this powder cores in the intermediate frequency or high-frequency electromagnetic fields generated eddy current is very small, thus greatly reducing energy consumption. Another example can magnetic powder with a rubber (or plastic) composite made of a magnetic rubber, magnetic plastic, or mixed with organic liquids made ​​of magnetic liquid or coating. To meet special use requirements.
3, the processing step can be reduced to save raw materials, prepared directly close to the final shape of the small magnet, especially for hard machining hard brittle magnetic material. For example, magnetic insensitive the Alnico profiled small magnets produced by powder metallurgy method, the cost can be reduced.
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