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The metal powder injection molding technology (Metal Powder Injection Molding MIM) is the modern plastic injection molding technology into the field of powder metallurgy and the formation of a new type of powder metallurgy near net shape forming technology. The basic process is: First, a solid powder with an organic binder uniformly kneaded, heated after granulation in the plasticized state (150 C) using an injection molding machine into the mold cavity stereolithography, and then use the chemical or thermal The decomposition method of the binder removal, the molded preform final densification by sintering to obtain the final product. Compared with conventional processes, with high precision, uniform organization performance found enterprise network, and low cost of production, and its products are widely used in electronics and information engineering, bio-medical equipment, office equipment, automobiles, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, watch industry, weapons and aerospace and other industrial sectors. Therefore, the international general parts forming and processing technology will lead to a revolution in the development of the technology, known as "the most popular parts forming technology and forming technology of the 21st century.
The California Parmatech invented in 1973, many European countries as well as Japan have invested great effort in the early eighties, began to study the technology and the rapid promotion. Especially in the mid-1980s, this technology since the industrialization rapid development every year, increasing at an alarming rate. Repairer network of so far, the United States, Western Europe, Japan and other countries and regions more than 100 companies engaged in the technology, product development, research and sales work. Japan is very positive in the competition, and outstanding, many large Corporation are involved in the promotion of MIM industry, these companies include Pacific Metals, Mitsubishi Steel, Kawasaki Steel, Kobe Steel, Sumitomo mine, Seiko - Epson, Datong special steel etc.. Japan has more than forty professionals engaged in the the MIM industry of the company, the total sales of its the MIM industrial products has long been more than Europe and catching up with the United States. So far, the world has hundred companies engaged in the product development, development and sales of MIM technology has also become the most active in the forefront of the new manufacturing technology, metallurgical industry is the world's pioneering technology Copyright represents the main direction of the development of powder metallurgy technology MIM technology.
Metal powder compacting molding and metal powder injection molding technology is a set of plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science and other subjects through cross product using the mold injection molding blanks by sintering rapid manufacturing high-density, high-precision, three-dimensional structure of the complex shape parts, and be able to quickly and accurately design ideas materialized with a certain structure, the functional characteristics of the product, a new manufacturing technology industry and direct mass-produced parts plastics industry Copyright changes. The technology not only has a less conventional powder metallurgy process steps, cutting or less cutting advantages of the economic benefits, but also to overcome the traditional powder metallurgy technology products, uneven material, mechanical properties, easy molding thin-walled, complex structure of the shortcomings, particularly suitable for the mass production of small, complex metal parts with special requirements. The injection molding process binder mixing degreasing after sintering processing.
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