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Thermal Spray coatings

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1, various shaft
Machine tools, generator shaft, a variety of drive shaft, wear oxyacetylene flame metal powder, the wire spraying method of repair can be effective, The thermal spray repair scrapped the various shaft is one of the effective methods, equipment is simple, easy to operate can be on-site construction.
2, steel mills, wire drawing machine reel
In the drawing process, the wire reel line part of the long-term is a hard surface wear state oxyacetylene flame Metal Powder Spray intensive life than the original life expectancy increased by more than 4 times the country has been vigorously promoted by the spray welding and extend the life of the factory benefit, the spray welding benefited also large.
3, power plants and wind turbine blades
Power plant fan blades, abrasive wear under a certain temperature, using oxyacetylene flame Metal Powder Spray intensive life can greatly improve long-term. Beijing, Xian, Gansu, Sichuan, Shenyang plant fan blades using oxyacetylene flame Metal Powder Spray has a large number of successful examples.
4, glass mold
Powder Spray glass mold, Ni-based alloys, greatly improving life, many glass factory in Beijing, Tianjin has been successfully applied.
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