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CuproBraze technology

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The the copper brazing technique (CuproBraze) International Copper Association, developed specifically for the automotive industry and heavy industry manufacturing heat exchanger a brazing technology, by promotion, Copperbelt company, Sweden's Outokumpu implementation. The same mechanism, connected with conventional soldering techniques brazing technology is the filling material and the precursor material reacts to impose a form of alloying at the interface to form a metal connection. They differ in that the melting point of the metal used in the brazing technique filler is higher than the soldering. Therefore, a special copper alloy developed to become the best choice for the new needle welding technology. This alloy's melting temperature of 600 C, the melting temperature range of 10 C by Outokumpu company has applied for a patent, but is free for the automotive and heavy industrial heat exchanger industry.

Once upon a time, vehicle exhaust and atmospheric pollution has been marked by an equal sign, and nitrogen oxide emissions from automobile engines naturally became the national environmental protection agencies and organizations concerned about the object management sector in Europe, the United States and Japan are the harmful gases emissions enacted stringent restrictions. In accordance with the European IV standard number which will be implemented in 2005, for a diesel engine, the nitrogen oxides emissions less than the current 30%; according to the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2007, the emissions of nitrogen oxides in diesel engine than the current 95% reduction. In the face of stringent emission standards in the future, many car manufacturers have to strive to improve existing technologies and design methods.
The most effective way is to use the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology. This technique can be part of the exhaust gas introduced into the intake port of the engine, through the exhaust gas and fresh air are mixed to reduce the amount of oxygen entering inside the engine. The reduction of the amount of oxygen in the reaction temperature can be decreased, the produced nitrogen for the reaction and thus significantly reduce the amount of oxygen compounds.

However, EGR technology in engine will make the entire car cooling system changes, also will be a substantial increase in the high temperature performance, thermal performance and strength requirements of the heat exchanger, and the current widespread use of aluminum heat exchanger It is difficult to satisfy these requirements. Automotive cooling system is becoming the bottleneck of the development of environmental technology in the automotive industry, the use of the copper hard needle welding technology manufacturing copper / brass heat exchanger at this time there will be some mettle stage.

The copper hard needle welding technology, a significant advantage is that it allows the use of thinner fins and the heat pipe material, which makes the use of high strength, resistance to corrosion, high reliability, and high thermal conductivity of copper and copper alloys become possible. Advantage of this process and needle solder paste is applied to the matching strip and brass can be manufactured at low cost, light weight, high efficiency, rugged and compact heat exchanger. Degreasing processes obviate the harm to the environment due to the process, and the production process without cleaning, and thus will not generate wastewater. Poison gas and other harmful substances. Can also use this process to produce copper radiator once scrapped 100% completely recycled again for the production of a new radiator. So the, copper hard needle welding technology is a not only reduce costs but also to protect the environment, new technology, new technology.
The radiator is usually composed by heat pipes, heat sinks, and support the main piece core bracket. The use of the copper brazing technology to produce the radiator, the process can be divided into several steps of the manufacture of heat with heat pipe manufacturing, coating the solder paste, assembly, core assembly and welding pulp, the main piece installation and heating brazing. Is the most important aspect in the overall process, the braze. It requires that the brazing furnace can be heated at 450 to 650 C for the workpiece, the rapid heating, rapid cooling, the heating speed is greater than 30 C per minute, the fastest cooling rate of 150 C per minute. As the copper brazing temperature is far higher than the soft solder, and to prevent the parent metal and the oxide filler, the welding process also requires a gas protection, with a high purity nitrogen gas to drive out oxygen brazing furnace.

CuproBraze technology is a wide range of applications, and can be produced for passenger cars, trucks and construction machinery radiator heaters, oil cooler, intercooler, condenser and evaporator in the United States, Russia, France, The adoption of this new technology, and Japan has five and another eight companies in the United States, Finland, Thailand and China is negotiating to use this technology.

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