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Plastic Compounding Powders

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Metal powder fillers are added to various types of plastics to increase density,thermal and electrical conductivity,strength,wear resistance,frictional characteristics and magnetic properties. RuiHua has engineered several types of aesthetically pleasing metal powders with stringent particle size control to ensure uniform dispersion which results in improved filling,decreased cycle times and maximum output.
Type Particle Size
-325M% Apparent Density
Cu -100M 35 5.4 Gas Atomizing Spherical
Cu -140M 58 2.7 Water Atomizing Irregular
Cu -325M 98 3.1 Water Atomizing Irregular
CuSn10 -100M 45 2.9 Cu-10Sn Diffusion Irregular
CuSn10 --200M 85 4.9 Cu-10Sn Gas Atomizing Spherical
CuSnP -200M 95 5.0 Cu89.7Sn10P0.3 Gas Atomizing Spherical
CuSnZn -200M 85 3.7 Cu-9Sn-2Zn Water Atomizing Irregular
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