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Metal Powders for Friction material

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Applications of these materials include brakes and clutches .Metal powders are usually added o organic based(non-sintered) friction products to increase heat conductivity,alter wear properties,provide smoother braking action and reduce brake squeal.RuiHua provides many grades of copper,tin,bronze,brass and nickel to meet the needs of both segments of the Friction products Industry.
Type Particle Size
Apparent Density
Cu -100M 55 2.8 Water Atomizing Irregular
Cu -120M 55 4.5 Gas Atomizing Spherical
Sn-120M 55 3.2 Gas Atomizing Spherical
Zn -140M 40 3.6 Gas Atomizing Spherical
CuSn -140M 40 5.3 Cu-10Sn Gas Atomizing  Spherical
CuZnSn -200M 80 3.7 Cu-9Sn-2Zn Irregular
CuZn -60M 40 2.9 Cu-20Zn Irregular