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Powder production technology

High performance alloy powder has important application and the vast of market using potential, such as in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, energy, power, metallurgical machinery and other field increasingly wide application. The market needs more and more high quality, lower cost powder products based on the developing of science and technology. So the metal powder has the direction of produced by high purity, fine, controllable granularity and low cost.
Gas atomization system standard design includes a medium frequency induction melting furnace, melting, refining alloy in a furnace and degassing. Smelting metal through a preheated tundish into jet system, molten metal inert gas flow dynamic dispersion. Metal powder filled in the spray tower for cooling, the powder gas mixture through the conveying pipe to the cyclone separator, where the coarse powder and fine powder and atomizing gas separation, metal powder is collected in a sealed container.
Inert gas atomization technology, mainly used in high grade, high technical requirements for metal powder production, inert gas atomized powder has the following main technical indicators: spherical degree; high purity ; Low oxygen content ;rapid solidification; uniform microstructure.

Ultra high pressure water atomization is refers in the atmospheric conditions or gas protection under the conditions of liquid metal through the insulation, tundish, flow guiding pipe shed in the process, through the nozzle by ultra high pressure water flow will be broken up into a number of fine metal atomization of liquid metal droplet, tiny droplets in flight process on surface tension and water fast cooling under the common action of form spherical or irregular shaped particles, milling to achieve.
Ultra high pressure water atomization is proved to achieve low cost producing technology, its production of powder has certain technical and economic advantages. The powder characteristics, such as powder morphology and irregular, low density, particle concentration etc. Through the improvement of smelting, antioxidant treatment, we produce the powder toward the superfine, low oxidation direction.